The Promise

Jeremy & Shanda Vandenbark

“The gift of doTERRA is the opportunity to succeed regardless of circumstances or adversity.”

Part of Shanda’s commitment to helping each person win is not overloading herself with too many contacts. “Instead of making a daunting 100-person list, I help five people at a time. I like to think of my network as a fruit tree. Making a 100-person list and trying to help them all at once is like trying to pick 100 pieces of fruit all at once. I’d never get them washed, prepped, and canned in time. Instead, I pick only five pieces of fruit at a time. That’s a number I can easily process and be successful with.” Over time, working with five people at a time adds up to a strong, committed network of essential oil users, sharers, and builders.

Along the way, Shanda has met with various difficulties and challenges. She has found the key is to choose success no matter the circumstances. She shares, “The only thing standing in the way of success is ourselves. We can make any excuse to deter success. At the end of the day, they’re just excuses.” Shanda didn’t have a mentor until she hit Gold, she didn’t attend an essential oils class until she hit Diamond, and she didn’t meet a Diamond leader until she was Diamond herself. Regardless of these obstacles, Shanda chose to push herself to succeed. “My challenge to myself is to thrive regardless of circumstance or adversity, and I challenge my fellow Wellness Advocates to do the same.” With this challenge to herself, Shanda is dedicated to pushing herself to succeed and to helping as many people as possible.

Small Suggestions For Big Success

Know Your Numbers

“My most important step to Diamond has been to know my numbers. I’ve learned I must understand where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. I can share my thoughts on each timeline, but numbers don’t lie. There’s something very real, sobering, and exciting when you look at the numbers.”

Look At PV

“One of the numbers I key in on each month is PV per person. If my PV per person is high, I know we’re doing a good job helping others. If it’s low, we need to skill up. Understanding and adjusting this number has changed how I talk to people, how my business runs, and how my team operates. It shows us how much someone has fallen in love with doTERRA.”

Create Consistency

“When I meet someone who I feel is ready for natural solutions, I introduce them to the oils, work with them, help them, and if they are ready, I help them get an account and learn to use their oils. If they aren’t ready, I put them in my followup system and check on them until they’re ready. This approach allows me to go as fast or as slow as my life will allow and creates consistency in my business.”

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