Growing to Be More

Zach & Kelsey Watson

“We realized God brought us this business to help our family physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.”

Zach and Kelsey have seen immense changes in their life since starting their doTERRA journey. After reaching Platinum, Zach quit his job, they paid off all of their debt, sold their house, and now travel as a family. They say, “This opportunity has called us out of our comfort zone and challenged us to go deeper in every aspect of our life. It’s helped us to dream bigger and given us the opportunity to see so many dreams come true already. We know this is still only the beginning of the blessings that God has in store for us through doTERRA. Best of all, it has brought our family closer, and our family has grown because our whole team is our family. It has grown our walk with the Lord because we couldn’t do any of this without Him.”


1- Share with sincerity.

“If someone doesn’t need a product, I don’t want them to buy it. But if I put the person’s needs first and find out their health concerns, I can help them find a need for the top 10 essential oils, or better yet, a need for those and the supplements. My goal is to serve them, so if that’s not right for them, then I’m okay with that.” 

2- Share with generosity.

“When I share the business opportunity, I love to ask people about their dreams, and then give them real numbers so they can see the potential. I realize that if I don’t share the business, I could be withholding a huge blessing from them. I share our story and tell them it’s an option for them, and we’re here to support them in whatever they choose.”

3- Share with faith.

“The heart of this company is what sets it apart from anything else. We’re motivated by thinking of the lives we can change all over the world with these products and with the financial blessing that allows us to be the big givers God calls us to be.”

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