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Yuko Yaguchi

“My motivation has been seeing people become happier.”

Yuko knew that achieving Diamond would be an important step in advancing her business and growing her team. “I want to change the world with doTERRA and the essential oils, and my team has the same vision. I chose a time to try to push and improve myself, and it was the perfect timing for me to decide to become Diamond.” By working with her team to reach their individual and group goals, Yuko was able to push herself to reach Diamond.



“First listen to them. Try to understand if there is anything they are worried about, and also listen to their goals. It is important to talk about why we do a business with doTERRA. As I communicate with them, I can help eliminate their fears and encourage them to move forward.”


“It is important to hold a small seminar where you can explain about the products, LRP, CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®, and the doTERRA mission. Try to meet with new members in person to resolve their questions. Go to various doTERRA seminars with them and provide an opportunity to learn together.”


“For me, the most successful class topic has been how essential oils work with the body. This helps people reflect on their health and their needs during the class. Also, be consistent. I held the same event, an AromaTouch Technique® seminar, on the same day of every month for five years.”

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