A Life of True Purpose

William & Alice Rahn

“The journey to Diamond molded me to be who I was created to be. I am living a life of purpose.”

Perhaps most importantly, Alice and William rely on their Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as well as their pastors, Gwen and Philip. Alice explains, “Achieving Diamond takes a lot of endurance, and there are many ups and downs emotionally. Without the right spiritual support systems, as well as understanding our scriptural and covenant promises, it would have been easy to quit. Their on-time word from heaven, prayers, and guidance helped us see our heavenly purpose within it all.”

As they continue to share, William and Alice are driven by their Why. “Our Why is to share love, wellness, and freedom. Our desire is to help people see that their struggle does not have to be a life sentence. We want to set people free from all of that bondage. So many people believe that sickness and debt is a way of life; we have a better solution, one with health and financial freedom. Our dream is to have the time and financial freedom to be more involved with missions work. God has placed in our hearts the need to rebuild homes in Haiti that have been damaged by natural disasters. Our Why is to restore beauty from ashes.” With their focus on their Why, William and Alice are excited to continue touching lives and making an impact with doTERRA.



“I have learned not to push my goals on our team. I love them where they are, regardless of how it affects our business. Develop patience and trust God’s timing, even if it takes longer than you planned. Building relationships is our main focus.” 


“Understand the desire to quit is the strongest right before God is about to do something amazing. We saw this with each rank advancement and structure challenge. Don’t shrink back. Push through the doubts, fears, and desire to quit. Lift up praise to God during your challenges. Praise your way through those storms with immense gratitude.”


“It is important to pray for your teams and pray that they live the life God has for them—whether or not it includes doTERRA. Pray that their marriages and families remain strong and healthy.”

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