Overflowing with Possibility

Todd & Jodi Weaver

“At events, I focus on being present. You will hear what you need to hear to grow yourself and your business.”

Todd and Jodi’s son, Jacob, loves doTERRA products as well. He uses them every day, and Jodi is thankful to have the oils as a solution to any health concerns. “We love the confidence we have in the oils to ‘try’ them first for any issues that come up.” As she works to balance her family and her work, Jodi has found the key is to strive to be present in what she is doing. She explains, “Everything has its season, and we try to work our schedule around those seasons. I am really trying to be present and do just one thing at a time effectively.”

While Jodi sometimes finds it difficult to balance all of her responsibilities, she feels the doTERRA business has given her more flexibility and freedom. Her Why is to increase her family’s time and financial freedom, and to overall be able to live their best life. She is also dedicated to helping others achieve these same gifts. Jodi says, “I love that I can create a business and a life that I love. I also love that I can help other families with the same opportunity!”

Through her journey, Jodi has had one lesson confirmed to her over and over: with God, all things are possible. This kept her going through challenges, through two rounds of Diamond Club, and through all of the work she devotes to her business, her team, and her family. She feels that this business was brought to her family for a purpose. “With doTERRA, we have the opportunity to truly live a life of service, compassion, and overflowing gratitude—a life where anything and everything is possible.”



“I sing or say, ‘Let it go, let it go,’ multiple times under my breath every day. Things are going to happen—actually, things happen every day—people say or do things that can be upsetting or distracting. I just remember to let it go!”


“I believe you should hold events as often as possible, but it depends on what people have going on in their lives. Online events fit my sharers’ and builders’ lives better. I can always record events, and then they can listen or watch when it’s convenient for them.”


“Everyone has seasons. A no right now usually doesn’t mean no forever. After several follow-ups, I will ask whether that person wants me to continue to follow up, and they usually say yes. So I do. Always follow up, and always ask the question."

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