Perfectly Aligned

Thorsten Weiss

“I feel a calling to help people and give them the best opportunity to improve all areas of their lives.” 

For Thorsten, one of the key benefits of this opportunity is how inclusive it is. He explains, “I think there are four motivations someone can have when starting a business: one, you can earn money with it; two, you love what you are doing; three, you are doing what other people need; and four, you are talented in something. All four motivations are good to start with, but with doTERRA, you can have it all—not only working, but also living your passion and mission, and finding your calling.” Part of Thorsten’s Why is to help other people find this opportunity to improve their lives. Just as he has seen the business help others, Thorsten has seen changes in his own life and his family thanks to his success. Thorsten’s partner and their children use the oils on a daily basis, and he loves that with this business, he has more time freedom. “For me, it is important to have quality time with my family. I love to work with doTERRA because it gives me a lot of freedom in my schedule.”

Thorsten has seen all of these benefits grow as he has grown his business, and now that he has reached Diamond, he remains committed to helping others achieve the same. “There is so much peace in my life, and I feel fulfilled. Listen to the voices within you and contact the people you feel led to. You don’t know what a difference you can make in their lives. Just do it!” 



“Take your time to experience the oils. You have to know them, understand them, and create your own Why. Talk about that—spread your story and share your enthusiasm. Others will want to have their own experiences. Give them a positive understanding of the oils so they want nothing more than to have them and share them too.”


"There is no tactic when it comes to sharing the oils. Just do it! Whenever I hear someone talking about their issues, I ask, ‘Have you ever heard of essential oils? Did you know they are natural, safe, and effective? I can give you a little bit of this oil—just test it, and I will call you in a week to see what it has done for you.’”


“Share the oils. Get to know the oils better. Just love the oils in times when you are struggling. Share all of your wisdom about the oils. Learn all about the chemistry of the oils and the power of nature. Put others first and help your team grow.”

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