Finding Her Voice

Steve & Lorraine Eljuga

“A newfound confidence is the most evident change in my life. And finally, a voice of my own.”

Lorraine’s business has grown immensely since she first started out with her desire to bring quality essential oils to her clients, but her core motivation hasn’t changed. She is still passionate about helping others lead a more natural, toxic-free lifestyle, and she is also dedicated to helping Steve retire from the construction company he has built over the last 20 years. Even greater, Lorraine has found a new part of herself through her journey. “Finding the voice that I didn’t think I had or needed was life changing. I spoke at the Leadership Retreat in Perth last year in front of 700 people, which was a huge fear for me. This has allowed me to truly believe in myself and feel strongly that I have something to say and something to offer the world.”

Her doTERRA journey has also helped Lorraine reach people outside of her immediate area and build relationships with people who are now as close to her as family. Lorraine’s team is one of her greatest joys. She explains, “I love seeing my team members step out of their comfort zones, push through some of their deepest fears, and come out on the other side with gratitude and appreciation.” A large part of Lorraine’s drive to reach Diamond was to help her team reach their own goals.

Through it all, Steve and their children have remained Lorraine’s rock. Lorraine is eager for Steve to begin playing a larger role in her doTERRA business as they continue to take on life together. “My life has changed immensely thanks to doTERRA and continues to change month to month.”



“Follow-up wasn’t my forte in the beginning. In fact, I dreaded it. Having a system in place takes away fear. A new enrollment is like a new baby—they need lots of love and attention. This is where the foundation of mutual trust and respect begins, and plenty of support, education, and samples are the way to facilitate this.”


“Let your words come from the heart. Show that you genuinely care about the person you’re sharing with and their health. Relationships and trust are the foundation of longevity in your business. Be authentic. Be genuine. Be present. But most of all, be the best you that you can be.”


“If you want to achieve Diamond, my advice is to check in on all of your leaders and make sure you all want the same things in the same amount of time. Not much will come of it if you have different goals and timelines. Have lots of conversations about this and discover their Why—why they want to reach Silver and what motivates them.”

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