Family First

Rocky & Lindsey Foster

“doTERRA was the perfect puzzle piece from God for this life journey of purpose-filled, intentional living.”

As she works to build her business, Lindsey knows that every day can bring a new challenge. One of her challenges has been balancing her work with her family, but for her, the answer is always to put her family first. “My kids are my number-one priority, always. I want to empower my family by showing them the value of family first before anything else.” Lindsey works every day to find the best balance for her family.

In addition to the changes in her family life, Lindsey is grateful for the personal growth she has experienced throughout her doTERRA journey. “I have new purpose, and that is to continually branch out and become more. I have grown in so many aspects of my life—my faith, my belief in myself, my relationships, my purpose, my role as a mother, as a wife, as a leader—it goes on and on. Now, we are dreaming as a family. doTERRA is bringing new light to our dreams. God is bringing a whole new perspective to our lives.”


Authentic sharing.

“Be authentic, and make the individual feel seen and heard. Don’t make them feel like a number, but like someone who you truly want the best for. Look out for their best interests and show them how getting these products into their life can change their life for the better.”

Continual follow-up.

“It’s important for someone to know that you didn’t just get the oils into their home and now you’re done with them. Continue to be an open door, loving on them wherever they are in their oil journey. Listen to what they want first and help them with that, pushing them to dig deeper and use the oils for more.” 

Endless education.

“I am still learning, and I want everyone who enrolls to continue to be educated as well. That’s my job. Empower, educate, and make sure these oils and products are being used in their homes—not collecting dust.”

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