Passing on the Gift

Reagan & Heather Wagoner

“I’ve been given much in doTERRA, and so I have a responsibility now to teach others how to pass it on, too.”

As she works to empower others to reach success and freedom, Heather is grateful to have the support and help of her family. Her husband, Reagan, has always been supportive of her efforts in the business, and they work together to ensure that their family and their business are taken care of. Heather explains, “Whether we’re working side-by-side in something or not, we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. It’s an amazing gift in the dynamics of our marriage and part of what we believe we were created for: to support each other’s dreams and goals.” Their children also love using the oils, and Heather and Reagan are thrilled to see their children able to care for themselves with natural solutions.

While Heather is grateful for the financial and time freedom she has gained through her doTERRA business, even greater is the personal development she has experienced. She feels that her experiences have helped her become the person she needs to be. A couple of years ago, Heather and Reagan moved their family to begin planting a church in Ohio. She says, “I quickly and humbly realized that everything I had learned, every way I had struggled and been stretched and grown as a person and a leader, was all leading up to this moment.” The residual income from the doTERRA business was also a blessing to their family at that time. Heather works to empower everyone she comes in contact with to offer them hope and solutions. From here, she is excited to continue sharing the gift she has been given through doTERRA.



“Attach yourself to an experienced mentor who can guide you through proven business-building habits, and be teachable. If you can’t find this mentor in your enroller, don’t give up looking for that mentor until you are connected with one. And don’t forget your sideline community—they’re some of the best partners.”


“Expect that it will be simple but that you will work hard. And it will change and grow you, especially mentally and emotionally. It isn’t without struggles and frustrations, but it’s those experiences that help to grow and stretch you into the person that it’s necessary to become if you’re going to lead.”


“While it’s necessary to grow in sales skills, leadership skills, and developing your ability to use the tools that doTERRA makes available, don’t overlook growing your mindset and beliefs. They can be the most limiting things to deter exponential growth, or they can be the things that skyrocket you to see amazing success.”

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