Shine Bright

Nathalie Chausseau

“I was working toward the same goals before, but the doTERRA business has given my work a whole new dimension.”

Because of Nathalie’s love for the products and natural health, she has become a go-to on her team for information about the products. In addition to sharing her knowledge about doTERRA products and how to effectively and safely use them, Nathalie is proud to also share information about the business with many people. “I’m in a French-speaking community, and because I’m bilingual, I translate and provide videos in French for my clients, sharers, and builders. I have a lot of videos and documents translated into French for my team and upline team too.” Nathalie strives to help her team achieve the same success she has.

Since her first day in the doTERRA business, Nathalie’s goal has been to reach Presidential Diamond. Achieving Diamond is one important step along the way for her, and she is grateful to see the changes this business has already brought to her life. Her family is on track to be debt free by the end of the year, and she has experienced immense personal development. “Take a rough diamond—you have to polish it to bring out the richness. It’s the same for us. As I become a better version of myself, it encourages my team to do the same. We must live to believe.”

Personalize Your Business


“Find your Why, of course, and then add to that. What are your core values that drive you in doing this business? I consider this to be a Why with a twist. This could be a desire for freedom, for self-realization, etc. For me, it’s a desire to give people more freedom in their health choices.”


“Emphasize your zones of genius. Don’t start by making cold calls if you aren’t driven by it. Do whatever is easy and energizing to you. You will have to touch sides of the business that are not so appealing to you, but when you do things that are nourishing to you most of the time, these other tasks don’t take as much of your energy anymore.”


“I have a very active online community. I follow up a lot by email and messenger. I have developed my own style of web-based follow-up, which isn’t the same as in real life. Things that would work well face-to-face don’t necessarily go well on the web. I like to see it as a new art of conversation.”

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