Greater Goals

Matt & Rachel Primeau


When Rachel Primeau was first introduced to doTERRA essential oils, she was immediately impressed with their quality, potency, and versatility. Soon after enrolling, she realized that the doTERRA business opportunity could also benefit her and her family. Rachel says, “I knew that my friend and upline, Alicia, was making good money as a Silver, and I thought to myself, ‘If I can hit Silver in one year, I could quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom.’” Because she already had a passion for holistic health, she knew doTERRA would be a perfect fit.

In addition to her desire to share a way for people to improve their health, Rachel started out with a desire to create more financial freedom, and she achieved just that. She is now able to stay home with her toddler and spend time with him while also building her business. Even though she has more time freedom and flexibility in her schedule, it can still be a challenge for her to balance all of her responsibilities and activities. She says, “Mom guilt is real. I have set aside business hours, which works well for me. When I am on work time, I can focus and get my new contacts, follow-ups, and personal development done. When I am with my family, I can be fully present with them.”

Since she has achieved her original goal to be home with her son, Rachel’s Why has grown. She explains, “My Why now is still developing. My husband, Matt, and I want a few acres of land and a home we love. My passion is in working with a population of people who find themselves homeless or stuck in a bad cycle.” As she works to reach her goals, Rachel is thankful to have the support of many people in her life, including her husband, parents, in-laws, upline, downline, friends, and siblings. They all help her with support, ideas, caring for her family, and staying on track emotionally and mentally.

“It is easy to feel alone in your business struggles. What keeps me going is talking it out with my supports.”

Rachel is grateful to also be able to build her business with some of her family members. She says, “I love building with my family. I get to build with my cousins and mom, and it is amazing to watch them support each other.” Overall, she feels she has attracted a team that keeps her passionate and driven. “My downline keeps me moving forward. I want to attract people better than me, and I have done just that! They genuinely inspire me to be confident, show grace, and go for the next goal. If you have an amazing downline, it motivates you to keep up with them.”

Rachel’s team was one of her driving forces in hitting Diamond. “I had a team under me that I loved leading and teaching. When I hit Diamond, I felt like we all did it together.” Now that she has reached Diamond, Rachel feels grateful for all that doTERRA has given her, and she knows there is much more to come in the future.


Be a Builder

“If you find yourself ‘dabbling’ in the doTERRA business, attend a doTERRA event. Go to convention, postconvention tour, Premier/Elite retreat—anything. Decide to go all in with the business because success isn’t just for the top one percent, it’s for everyone.”


Be a Support

“Approach talking about the business in terms of support. I share the three pathways of doTERRA—living, sharing, and building—and ask each new enrollee to identify where they see themselves fitting so I can best support them.”

Be a Diamond

“Know you are going Diamond. You have to know it, not hope it. Be consistent. Find a great referral partner. Find another professional who works in the same ‘market’ but doesn’t compete with you, such as a massage therapist, chiropractor, or acupuncturist.”

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