What You Make of It

Mary Lou Mulcahy

“Always put others’ needs before numbers, and you’ll be surprised at how much your team grows.” 

When Mary Lou shares, she focuses on pointing out how doTERRA is different from other essential oils and other network marketing companies. She explains, “I like to show them that if we help others achieve their goals, we in turn achieve ours as well. I don’t know of another company that has this type of compensation plan.” She also highlights that doTERRA is a debt-free company, that the oils are exceptionally pure and effective, and that doTERRA has a giving, supportive, and humanitarian-focused culture.

In her doTERRA journey, Mary Lou is grateful to be accompanied by an incredible team. Along with her family, her downline has become one of her greatest supports. “My downline leaders have become dear friends to me. I could not do this business without them; I truly respect and value their individual gifts.” Because so many of her team members are constantly in motion, doing what they can to help others and grow their businesses, Mary Lou has named her team “Team Runnin’.”

Mary Lou is also dedicated to doing more for her business every day because she has seen how it has changed her life. She explains, “I have made amazing friends and business partners. This opportunity has given me more financial freedom; with three children in college, the financial benefits have been important. My next goal is to be able to retire my husband. doTERRA is truly what you make of it. This company gives you everything, from incredible oils to financial freedom. It just depends on your mindset and your passion.”



“I believe follow-up is the key to building your business—it shows people you care about them and their needs. I follow up with a personal phone call and set up a wellness consultation to go over their kit or products. I also like to send a little bag of products that did not come in their order. That gives them a chance to try some different products and helps with LRP orders.”


“Personal touches are the best way if possible. I use a system called Vaetas to record and send personalized interactive videos by email, text message, and social media. Viewers can respond directly to me from my videos. I also like to conduct weekly individual calls or texts with my leaders just to touch base with them.”


“Events are crucial. You must be constantly talking to and coaching your team in order to keep building. Maintain communication on where they want to be and in what timeframe. Business trainings, as well as product trainings, are invaluable. This allows your team to get more knowledge on both aspects of the business.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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