Building a Greater Future

Marcello & Dawn Calvinisti

“If you have anything you’ve wanted to do but thought could never happen, then this business is the thing to bring that dream to reality.”

As they have built more financial and time freedom for their family, Marcello and Dawn have also felt drawn to give back to others in powerful ways. Marcello moved to Canada from Guatemala in his twenties, and thanks to their success in their business, he has been able to return to Guatemala several times in the last few years. He even teaches doTERRA classes while he is there!

These visits have also sparked a passion to help people in Guatemala. Dawn explains, “Marcello has been instrumental in getting donated fire trucks and equipment to volunteer fire departments in Guatemala. He has driven the trucks all the way to Guatemala twice now. Our Why has become a desire to help support people in Guatemala with things we take for granted. We are excited about what that will look like as we explore more options for giving back.” From here, Dawn and Marcello are eager to see how else they will be able to grow and give.


Commit to personal development

“Mindset really plays the biggest part. We’ve both learned that you have to keep moving forward and taking action no matter what comes at you. Develop yourself personally if you want to go all the way.”

Be upfront and honest

“We are very upfront with people who are considering the business. It’s important to know that you will have to work very hard and get very little income until leadership ranks start coming into play.”

Focus on your leaders

“On our way to Diamond, it took us a while to realize we could stop pushing ourselves and instead focus on where our leaders needed help and strengthening. Our leaders are our passion. We grow together.”

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