Bloom Where God Plants You

Luke & Teresa Goodlett

“Share the business opportunity with confidence. What we have with doTERRA shouldn’t be kept a secret!”

Teresa and Luke are already enjoying increased time and financial freedom thanks to their success in the doTERRA business, and they are grateful to have more opportunities for their family. In their deepest Why, they dare to dream even bigger. Teresa says, “It has grown into a huge passion to build big so we can give big. Our purpose and mission is to love God and love people. We desire to honor God in all that we put our hands to. We look forward to seeing where God leads us and what He sees fit to do in us and through us in our doTERRA business. This motivates us because this is our legacy. We refuse to play small.”



“Do not firehose people with all of your oil knowledge. This will make them feel like it’s too complicated and will overwhelm and deter them from getting started.”


“Be a good listener like it’s your job—because it is! You won’t know what their needs are if you do all of the talking.”


“Talk to everyone as if they have a sign around their neck that reads, ‘Make me feel special and important.’ Everyone has a desire to be heard and loved.”


“Support people how they want to be supported. You learn this by asking them questions like, ‘What’s your preferred method of communication?’”


“Within a week, follow up with a message that is genuine and specific. Wait for their response and reply accordingly, but with the goal to find out how you can serve and empower them.”

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