A Change for the Better

Lorinda Walker


As a massage therapist, Lorinda Walker had been using essential oils for years in her practice, as well as to support her family’s health. When she began experiencing quality problems with the oils she was using at the time, Lorinda decided to look into doTERRA. Her first thought when she tried doTERRA essential oils was simply, “Wow.” She left her former company, joined doTERRA, and never looked back.

From the start, Lorinda noticed several differences between doTERRA and the company she had previously worked with. She explains, “The company culture is so different. There is a spirit of generosity here that makes doTERRA so special, and I’m honored to be a part of it. I am continually amazed by the willingness to share resources, ideas, product, and advice. This culture truly sets doTERRA apart from any other direct selling company I have worked with in the past.”

Now, Lorinda feels she has built a team that is a beautiful community. “I’m so proud to see my team members stepping up, growing into leadership roles, and supporting each other. It’s been a joy to see them reach their goals.” She uses the Strategic Attraction process to attract new people to her team with the qualities of an ideal leader. “By focusing on the ideal qualities of your perfect business partner, you will begin to see people with these qualities show up in your life. Plus, you will focus on modeling these qualities yourself, which helps you attract the perfect leaders to your team.”

Throughout her journey, Lorinda’s Why has evolved and grown as well. When she first discovered essential oils, she found that they were an excellent way to help support her emotional and mental health. She recalls, “It became my mission to share the message that there are natural ways to manage your emotions.” This remains an important part of Lorinda’s motivation. She also loves having a career that is fulfilling, meaningful, and financially successful. “I want to show my kids that you can have work that is service oriented while also supporting your family financially. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing that message of hope and witnessing someone’s life change for the better.”

“The most important thing is to believe in yourself. Have the mindset that you can do it—anyone can do it!”

Lorinda’s doTERRA business has influenced her family in another way as well—she now has more time freedom. She explains, “I have time flexibility with my family. I can do what I need to as a parent and a wife, and then work on my business when it fits my schedule.” Now that Lorinda’s two children are older and one is in college, Lorinda finds it easier than ever before to balance her work with her family. She is also grateful to have the constant support of her children and husband as she works to build her business.

Looking to the future, Lorinda is committed to continue sharing the benefits of both the business and the products with others. She is also eager to continue her own personal development. “This business is so joyful. The way we collaborate and grow together is a beautiful thing.”



“One thing that really helped my team with our momentum this year was adding make-and-takes to our classes. We added this option at the end of every class, and people love it. It shows people how to really use the oils in their lives. I want people to embrace what they just bought. It’s also put a lot of fun into my business."


“I participated in Diamond Club twice. I’m very competitive, so it was a great motivator for me. I loved it! The metrics really helped me have a sense of urgency about my business and pushed me to use my time wisely. Diamond Club was a great opportunity that allowed me to focus all of my energy on my business for that fourmonth period. It’s a great way to skill up and get really good at planning, teaching classes, and enrolling.”


“One thing that made a difference for me was to ascribe emotions to achieving my goal of reaching Diamond. I imagined how I would feel when I achieved it, how it would feel to walk the carpet—I envisioned my dress, the confetti, the music, etc. When I finally got there, it was surreal to see it all happen just as I envisioned it.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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