From One Drop

Laura Garcia

“Don’t overcomplicate things—remember the power of one drop.”

Laura is now passionate about helping others achieve this same financial freedom. She explains, “One of the driving forces for me is helping people become financially independent. I came into contact with lots of working moms who juggle full-time work and raising a family, and I think the doTERRA business is a great way to supplement or even replace their income so they can stay home with their kids.” She saw the opportunity for herself, and now she is eager to help others reach it as well. For Laura, doTERRA is about opening new possibilities for herself and others.



“Keep sharing and teaching. Don’t quit. Stay consistent in the simple things. To reach Diamond, I turned up the heat, but it was nothing new. Help your leaders reach their goals. They should be leaders in their own right, but make sure they know you’re there to support and help them.”


“It’s hard to find people who have a dream they’re willing to work for. Don’t let challenges and doubts get you down and distract you from your goals. If you want it, stay consistent in what you need to do. My team is made up of resilient people who keep going, and it’s such a blessing to me.” 


“Get your upline’s support. If your immediate upline doesn’t provide the support you need, keep looking up. There will be someone who can offer you support and help you get where you want to go. There will be someone interested in seeing you succeed. Upline support is so important.”

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