Freer & Brighter

Kristen O'Brien


Kristen O’Brien was at a homeschool meet-up when Sara Janssen introduced her to essential oils. Sara knew that Kristen was a massage therapist, so she offered to give her an Aromatouch Technique® session so Kristen could experience the oils that way.

At the time, Sara was just starting her own doTERRA business, but Kristen will never forget the vision that Sara painted for her. “It wasn’t what she had already accomplished that made me want to build a business with her—it was where she was going. She said, ‘These oils are amazing, the company is truly ethical and heart centered, their compensation plan is amazing, and I’m going all the way to the top. I’m building a team of people who want to do this with me, and I think you would be amazing at it.’” With that invitation, Kristen was nervous yet excited to start on her doTERRA journey.

While Kristen was attending massage school more than 10 years ago, she became passionate about showing people how to improve their health with natural solutions. When she found doTERRA, she felt it was a great fit for her passion. She explains, “When I realized the vast, broad scope of health concerns that essential oils can be used for, I realized they were the perfect bridge for what people wanted—something safe and natural, yet also quick and easy.” Kristen started off with a desire to simply build her doTERRA business “on the side,” but after attending a local team training event, she felt a determination that she couldn’t shake, and she committed to building with serious intent.

Kristen has found that just like any worthwhile endeavor, building a doTERRA business comes with challenges. For her, the biggest difficulties have often revolved around her own blocks and self-doubt, and she is amazed at the personal growth she has experienced. “One of my favorite things about my doTERRA journey is the person I have become along the way. I have shed so many fears and limiting beliefs. For most of my life, I was stuck in lack, fear, self-doubt, and caring so much what other people think. With the personal growth I have undergone, I have become a freer, brighter, more confident, more passionate, more successful version of myself in every area of my life. Now, in addition to empowering people to live healthier lives with our products, I am also passionate about helping other people grow and shed their limiting beliefs in the same way.” 

“Keep inspiring your team with your own growth, commitment, action, and success.”

Furthermore, Kristen is driven to continue sharing so she can continue building time and financial freedom for her family. Her husband has supported her every step of the way, as have their children. She says, “We want to travel and explore the world with our kids and say yes to more experiences. We want to create real, positive changes in the world by supporting charities we are passionate about. You can’t have an abundant, positive impact on the world if you’re stressed about your own financial situation. Our Why is more freedom and abundance to have more options!”


“I see three common denominators in the most successful people in the doTERRA business. Those are:

1. Hunger:

How badly do you want it, and what are you willing to sacrifice, even temporarily, to get it? 

2. Belief:

You have to be overflowing with confidence and passion about the oils, the business, and your ability to achieve your goals.

3. Grit:

Resilience and fierce tenacity.

Having a strong commitment to purposefully growing in each of these three areas daily will be a huge part of your success.”

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