Dreaming Deeper

Joy Horseman

“You are the only one getting in your way; therefore you are the one powerful enough to change it.”

Just as Joy needed to make major changes in her life, she feels that many others also need to make changes to allow themselves to fully do the business. She says, “As we grow, we realize the places where we have settled in our lives are holding us back from being successful. Get honest with yourself. Give yourself the gift of really dreaming and living again!” Now, Joy and her family are living a life that is more than what they ever expected.

The doTERRA business has affected nearly every part of her family's life. Joy’s three children use the oils on a daily basis and share them with friends at school. Her husband supports her in the business, and their kids contribute to her work as well. For Joy, her family is one of her greatest motivations. “My kids are my inspiration. How could I not keep sharing, knowing that I can make a difference in someone else’s child’s life?” Joy also consciously chooses to share her fears and vulnerabilities with her children so they can learn how to address difficulties and overcome challenges in life.

Just as Joy is devoted to helping her children learn and grow, she is also committed to helping her team become more empowered and achieve their goals. After years of dedicating her life to raising her children, Joy realized she had lost herself. “I had stopped dreaming and forgot who I was. I was not living the life I came here to live. When I realized that doTERRA could be the answer to making changes in my health, financial freedom, and purpose, I jumped in. My Why is to empower other women to know they are strong, loved, important, and that the world needs them.” With a passion for empowering others, Joy is more dedicated than ever before to continue sharing.



“I like to ask a lot of questions and learn as much as I can to get a complete, whole-person picture. People love to be heard and seen, so I try to give them space to get into their experience. I keep asking questions to get deeper into what’s going on. When they realize I really care, they’ll share more about their emotions and beliefs. Then I have more to work with.”


“After I share with someone for the first time or they come to a class, I call them the next day or two. I ask them how they are doing and how they feel about the oils. I ask which oil is their favorite. Follow-up builds trust with my customers. They realize I’m invested in them.”


“I ask people if they are happy in their jobs. I ask if they have the money they need to get out of debt, to save for college and retirement, and to live the life they dream of. I ask what their dreams are to help them reconnect and remember what is important.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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