An Opportunity for Freedom

John & Tina Womble

“In the beginning, I joked that it was ‘Diamond or bust.’ I saw the opportunity and that it was attainable.”

Their three sons also love using the oils in their everyday lives. Tina says with a smile, “They’ll call me from work and ask me which oil or other doTERRA product a coworker or friend could use for a specific problem. They’re always sharing.” To make certain that she is able to keep her family as a priority, Tina focuses on scheduling family time first. Sticking to her schedule is Tina’s key to staying on track with family, her doTERRA business, and her hair salon.

Because she has seen how the doTERRA products and business have changed her family, Tina is passionate about sharing these with others. She says, “I’m motivated by the opportunity to share freedom. Freedom means different things to different people—it might be time freedom, or health freedom, or financial freedom. Everyone is in need of one of these solutions, and doTERRA can provide that to them.”

Tina is especially dedicated to helping her team members achieve their goals for freedom. “My team is so giving. They’re constantly sharing, and they work together as a unit to support each other in whatever they need. I want to help them reach the same freedom I have.” She feels her success in her business required no “magic trick”—she simply stayed consistent with the basic actions of sharing, teaching, following-up, educating, and loving people. “I invite everyone to have an oil experience, and then I listen to their needs so I can help and guide them on their own journey.” With even greater goals in mind now, Tina is committed to continue sharing so she can help more and more people.



“Have an event, a class, or an opportunity on your calendar at all times. When you come across someone and introduce them to doTERRA, you can always invite them to that next opportunity or event, and invite them to learn more.” 


“With this opportunity, you have to help others reach their goals before you can achieve your own goals. It’s so rewarding to help everyone work together to reach goals. With doTERRA, it’s a team effort—it isn’t just about you.”


“I encourage my team not to make excuses for people. Let them make their own excuses, because some people will always have excuses. If you’re already making excuses for them, you’ll never have the opportunity to share with them.”

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