An Inside Job

Jessica Travis

“This business has shown me that it’s up to us. We can choose. Success is an inside job.”

When asked about her Why, Jessica’s family is her top answer. Their family experienced financial strain when Jessica quit working as a nurse practitioner, and with her doTERRA business, they are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Jessica explains, “We’re almost debt free. I want to help other families experience this same financial freedom. It excites me to think of helping others get out of debt.”

In contrast to her work as a nurse practitioner, Jessica has found immense satisfaction in her doTERRA business. She explains, “When I was a nurse practitioner, I was so in my head. It’s transformative to work from my heart instead. Before, I tried to help people by rearranging external circumstances. Now I understand that it’s an inside job. The oils have helped me understand how things work inside, and you need to work with your body. I can’t wait to help other people experience this same transition.” With her heart focused on helping others, Jessica is excited to continue growing with doTERRA.

Next Level Success Tips

Look at the details.

“I had the goal of reaching Diamond from the time I started the business, but it was a vague idea. It wasn’t until I hit Gold that I actually sat down and looked at the compensation plan, the earning potential, and what was required to reach Diamond. That helped Diamond feel so much more real, tangible, and achievable.”

Focus on real builders.

“As I planned for Diamond Club, instead of feeling frustrated that the very first people I shared with weren’t serious about building, I started to look with gratitude at some of the people they had brought on along the way. I also focused on personal enrollments who weren’t on my frontline but were actively engaged. This served to completely reinvigorate me and my team.” 

Attract success.

“You don’t find builders—you attract them. If you don’t feel successful, you won’t attract the right people. You don’t have to be at a certain rank like Diamond to feel successful. All you need is to know enough to believe in the product and the business. Be committed. Look inside and become a person who feels successful.” 

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