What Matters Most

Jen Tomazincic


For Jen Tomazincic, family has always come first. Before she discovered doTERRA, Jen was a busy mother of three young children who also ran a home daycare in order to be present with her children while contributing financially to their family. In fact, her dedication to her family is what led Jen to doTERRA in the first place. Her oldest daughter was struggling with a health issue, and Jen knew that her friend, Susan, used essential oils. Jen enrolled with Susan so she could order a couple oils for her daughter, and they quickly saw that the oils worked.

Once Jen experienced how effective doTERRA essential oils are, she wanted to learn more. She recalls, “I was very impressed with how much information and guidance is available online with doTERRA. I spent many hours late at night reading and learning about these oils, but I had no interest in the business.” Because Jen was so busy with her other responsibilities, she felt she didn’t have time for a doTERRA business, and she was satisfied with sharing the oils with her friends—especially other mothers—to help them care for their families.

After being a product user and sharer for some time, Jen realized she had a team growing beneath her, and she began to consider the possibility of starting a “side business.” Her husband, Mike, was supportive of her, especially when she promised that her goal was to get her oils paid for. Jen’s doTERRA business has now grown far beyond her initial goal. “The checks started to trickle in, and quickly my oils were paid for. Now our dreams and goals are endless. We both get so excited each month to see the commissions. The sky is the limit!”

Thanks to her success with the doTERRA business, Jen’s life has changed immensely over the last few years. Their three kids love using the oils on a daily basis, and Jen loves seeing them being able to care for themselves. She says, “I wish I knew about doTERRA 10 years ago when my first child was born. I love that my kids will take this lifestyle on their journey ahead, and one day they will be using these oils in their families.” Jen also has more time flexibility with her children now and was able to close her home daycare. With the doTERRA opportunity, Jen is able to find fulfillment in helping others while still having the time she needs to be present with her family. 

“doTERRA is full of leaders who are kind, service-led, and generous. Our goal is to serve.” 

Jen’s time freedom is greater than ever before, and this motivates her to continue sharing the doTERRA products and business with others. She explains, “Part of my Why is to coach other women, especially mamas, and show them that this business is possible. If I can do this, anyone can! I want this freedom for all of them.”

As she continues to grow her business, Jen keeps her family at the forefront. “The greatest part of my Why is to keep living, loving, and being present with my husband and kids. I am thankful to have the freedom to now devote myself to what matters most.”


The Power of Your Story.

“The most effective way I share the oils is to speak truth on the magic of these oils. It’s easy—open a bottle and start sharing your story. The oils speak for themselves. People want to hear your story and how they have worked for you.”

The Importance of Events.

“You must attend events. Events are where you will see the big picture on the impact doTERRA has in the world. For my own events, I love to hold events and classes at my house. This makes it more comfortable and less stressful for newcomers.”

The Support You Need.

“My family all play a role in helping with the day-to-day. It takes a team to do this business. My family contributes in many ways, but most of all, through their love and support. They cheer me on and have belief in me and in this incredible company.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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