The Artists

Ione Skye & Ben Lee

“We do the doTERRA business the way we do everything else—as artists. We try to bring our creativity and unique inspiration to this experience.” Ben

Ione and Ben know that no journey is without challenges. When they encounter difficulties, they are thankful to be able to rely on a strong support system that includes their upline, crossline, and their teams spread throughout several countries. Ione recommends talking to someone about your challenges. She explains, “Most of the blocks that come up around selling and the insecurities we feel tend to be the same things that almost anyone who has started this business has also experienced. It’s easy to help one another.” Similarly, Ione encourages honest, open sharing about the doTERRA business—the good parts and the challenging parts.

In addition to the support they have received, another key for Ione and Ben in reaching Diamond was attending events like convention. Ione says, “Seeing Diamonds at convention is encouraging. Knowing people have done it without any prior business experience means anyone can do it.” Every day, Ben and Ione wake up asking themselves and each other what they can do to grow their doTERRA business. Ben says, “It can be fun and simple. Never stop thinking!”

As Diamonds, Ben and Ione continue to look forward to their goals. Ben explains, “Starting a brand-new business we knew nothing about in our 30s and being successful with it has opened my mind to many other possibilities. If we can do this, we can do anything! I feel inspired to keep jumping into new adventures and becoming a more dynamic, abundant person.”


Focus on the Basics

“We feel that the ‘Introduction to Essential Oils’ class is the most successful event topic. We’ve had fun make-andtake classes, etc., but truly, the basic intro class is the one that changes lives.” —Ben

Create Exposure

“Holding more events over time creates more exposure. More people will know what you do and where to find you. It isn’t always about how many people sign up—it’s about showing up, sharing, and educating over the long run.” —Ione

Keep It Simple

“Give a few examples of what each oil does. Let them know why you like doTERRA. The quality of the oils is terrific. Share about Co-Impact Sourcing®. Be compliant. Let them know how to use the oils.” —Ione

Do It Your Way

“I heard someone say that if you aren’t teaching at least one class a month, you aren’t building the business. I would agree with that, but it’s truly a case-by-case situation. Take your own unique, personal path to the top.” —Ben

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