Shift to Greatness

Get Inspired--Katelyn Neil

Each of us has a gift. We most often refer to it as a strength. When we choose to discover this strength and harness it for good, we can be powerful. See, we are all alike with our struggles and self-doubts. Yet it doesn’t need to be a struggle because when we decide to let our strength shine through and become the someone we were designed to be, who your Creator intended for you to be, we become surrounded by peace, happiness, and that mythical idea of balance. The challenge, which most refer to as the journey, is in discovering your strength and using it for good while mastering the lessons you are to learn.

Begin with your mindset.

What are you thinking about most often? Are those thoughts supporting your dreams and goals? If not, it is imperative you change them, first by recognizing that they do not align with your goals. Prepare to embrace each challenge with a positive mindset, realizing that nothing worth achieving comes simply.

Have gratitude no matter what happens.

While growing your organization, great things will happen, and perhaps not what you expect will also occur. Be grateful even when you do not receive exactly what you asked for. Gratitude paves the way for attracting so much more!

Decide to go until you make it.

I once heard a wise woman answer the question, “How do you do the doTERRA business?” She said, “Well, you just decide to do it.” She is exactly right. No matter what comes up, once you’ve decided to do it, do not waver.

Protect your time.

Time is valuable, and we have the same amount of time as everyone else. Some of us do not consistently use our time wisely, while others have capitalized on continuously maximizing the time we have. Always ask, “Is this worth my time?”

Consistency, as well as persistence, are key.

Your current state is a product of decisions. If your decisions are always based on continuing the path, your situation improves. Decisions based in love will also improve your situation. Persist with a positive mindset when you are tested.

Focus on growth.

Fill your environment with objects that inspire you and motivate you to work. If something weighs you down, let it go. If an object keeps you restricted, release it. Always ask, “Does this inspire or expire me?”

Getting inspiration from this article would be ideal, yet true inspiration comes from within. You already have everything it takes to attract what it is you are seeking in life. When you encounter the naysayers or you get too many rebuttals, never limit your potential by fearing opposition, but instead make up your mind to stick to your path. Know that fulfilling your true potential takes much effort, full of overcoming, and the reward is more satisfying than you may currently realize. Serving your team, training your team, and offering hope to those around you can be a very fulfilling path. The journey just may bring you the balance and peace you are seeking because the journey enriches you and teaches you life lessons you may otherwise never receive. Shifting to greatness is a choice. Choose it every day. 

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