A Leap of Faith

Fredrick & Erin Giles

“God’s plan and His timing are always perfect.”

Throughout their journey, Erin and Fredrick have felt led by God. Shortly before she started her doTERRA business, Erin made the difficult decision to quit her online coaching business and her passion project that revolved around stopping sex trafficking. The doTERRA opportunity soon came into her life, and it has been a perfect fit. She explains, “It combines my passion for making a difference in sharing the oils with my love for business coaching. I quickly saw that doTERRA would be the journey of our dreams.” Fredrick was also quick to see the potential of the opportunity, even telling Erin that he would build the business if she didn’t.

Erin’s experience in education, her former jobs, and her previous online business never made sense to her until she found doTERRA. “I used to think my journey was a mess. But now I see that it all led me to this. I built my previous business online, which has allowed me to have wisdom in how to build doTERRA online.” Building online has been the answer Erin needed to build her business while still prioritizing her family. In fact, she reached Diamond with teaching less than 10 in-person classes; she has found her niche in teaching Facebook Live classes.

When asked about her journey to Diamond, Erin says, “There was never any question that I was working toward it. I always knew it would happen—it was just a matter of walking it out.” Looking back on her journey now, she is grateful for all that the doTERRA opportunity has brought to her family’s life, including improved health, time and financial freedom, a greater sense of purpose, and an amazing team that pushes her every day. “I’m so grateful I took this leap of faith.”


Share your story.

“I love sharing that we were on food stamps when I started my doTERRA business. I want people to know anything is possible if you believe and expect miracles.”

Offer fun incentives.

“I love mixing it up each month and having different incentives for my team.”

Teach scheduling.

“I teach my team to schedule events the month before. You don’t grow in this business if you stop sharing, and nothing ensures a successful month like having your classes and one-on-ones scheduled in advance.”

Work on yourself.

"Always be working on yourself! The team members who are committed to improving themselves are the ones who succeed. If you aren’t committed to personal development in this business, you’ll let any excuse and limiting belief stop you.”

Inspire them.

“I love getting on Facebook Live and pumping my team up. One of my gifts is encouraging others—it’s what I love about coaching, so I’m sure to get in our team group and lift them up in any way I can. We rise by lifting others.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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