An Unexpected Blessing

Erik & Linsey Wilt

“If it took you 10 years to build a financial pipeline that would change your family’s life, would it be worth it? Don’t stop.”

For Linsey and Erik, reaching Diamond was key to achieving the financial and time freedom they desired. They explain, “Diamond gave us a taste of that freedom we so cherish. We’re planning to get to the top. Diamond needed to happen to get there, but this isn’t our stopping point.” Now, they focus on helping their team reach the same freedom. Linsey says, “This business has changed our lives and given us options and freedom we didn’t know were possible. I want that for our entire team! I want that for anyone who is willing to go after it, and we will always be here to support them.” As they work to help others reach their own goals, Linsey and Erik are excited to see how they will continue to grow together.



“On our team, we motivate each other. We are truly blessed with incredible leaders who are self-driven and self-motivated. I don’t feel pressure to be ‘the leader,’ but rather I feel free to participate in our team-family with my strengths. We all lead and glean from each other because we all have something unique to bring to the table.”


“I am interested in other people and making them feel valued. I want everyone to see their own unique strengths. I love witnessing a group of people come together and support one another to accomplish something they never thought they could. I cry happy tears when others triumph over objections and discover self-love.”


“I didn’t have a personal story about the business at first, so I would sit down with the Leadership Magazine and soak up the words of incredible leaders. I used their examples and gained confidence in the business side of doTERRA. Instead of focusing on what you haven’t accomplished yet, focus on what you want and share from that place as if you’ve already made it happen.”

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