A Shared Vision

Drew & Lacey Grim


When Lacey Grim attended an essential oils class at a friend’s house, she thought she had a lot of the same aspects offered by doTERRA already in her life—she used essential oils frequently, and she was building another business. However, she started using doTERRA oils and was a strong sharer, and she quickly found that there was something different. “At first I thought I was newly obsessed with essential oils in general, but then it became wholeheartedly doTERRA as I threw out my old stash.”

The turning point in her commitment to the business opportunity came when Lacey attended her first convention. She remembers, “I was in tears watching the Co-Impact Sourcing® videos. We are extremely passionate about small-scale farming, homesteading, and teaching people about where their food comes from. doTERRA is such a beaming example of how that model can be effective and profitable, but more importantly, good for everyone.” Lacey and her husband, Drew, quickly saw that they could incorporate their own passions into their doTERRA business.

Lacey and Drew were already familiar with the concept of residual income because Drew owned a security monitoring business, but their income from the doTERRA business quickly outgrew that. They believe in this business model 100 percent because they have seen it work in their lives. Lacey explains, “It can make any dream you have come true. If you commit to building doTERRA for a time, then you can have the freedom to do whatever you choose—retire, serve, start another business, or travel. I love teaching and sharing doTERRA, and as a career that’s satisfying, but now I have bigger dreams. I don’t have to wonder what will finance those dreams.”

While Lacey and Drew have difficulty defining a specific Why, they know that their doTERRA business is the vehicle for reaching their dreams. “Drew and I have lots of ideas. Some of them fall by the wayside because we don’t have the financial means to make them happen. Now we’re getting to a place where those ideas aren’t limited by our finances, but by our own vision. Our biggest vision has always been one of community, of learning, and of creating together. We are committed to helping others and to helping others help others by spreading hope by the drop.” They also have bigger plans for their farm, which they hope will become a bigger part of their community.

“We work with a company that does good in every aspect of production, sales, education, and giving.”

Drew has always supported Lacey in building their vision through the doTERRA business, and he now works with her full time. Lacey says, “There are so many reasons I’m thankful for doTERRA, but this is the biggest. We are free to build this together and be together.” This opportunity has also given both Drew and Lacey more time freedom to be with their children. Although balance is a challenge and they take each day as it comes, Lacey and Drew love knowing their children have access to them almost all the time. While they know there is much more to come, Lacey and Drew are grateful for the opportunities and freedom they have found in their doTERRA business.



“We went to convention together. Co-Impact Sourcing was the selling point for both of us. We’re permaculture fanatics, and much of what doTERRA does through Co-Impact Sourcing is in that vein. We connected immediately to those stories and wanted to be more involved.”


“Pick a goal you can achieve, and achieve it. Then pick another one. Maybe it’s to help three people, or to help nine, or to help 27. Whatever it is, when you can check it off, you realize how powerful helping people feels.”


“Drew and I are fun. Our team is called ‘Oildorks’ because we know how important it is to not take yourself too seriously. What is life if it isn’t fun? We are all a little quirky, and if we embrace those quirks, magical things happen.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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