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Dr. Sean & Wendi Kohler


When Wendi Kohler’s friend, Dr. Andrea Ryan, offered her some essential oil samples, Wendi accepted. She and her husband, Sean, started using the oils with their family and were amazed at the results. Wendi explains, “We knew quickly that we needed to integrate the oils into our lives. We have always leaned toward natural health. doTERRA products helped us find additional solutions we were comfortable using with our children, which was important to us. They were the missing link and a perfect fit into our natural lifestyle.”

Because Sean is a chiropractor and Wendi is a Doctor of Physiotherapy, they both have a background in and passion for helping others improve their health. Thanks to the financial blessings of their doTERRA business, Wendi was able to quit her job at the hospital, and she feels her work with doTERRA still allows her to continue her commitment to helping others while building more time and financial freedom for herself and her family.

As Wendi has worked to build her business, Sean has supported her every step of the way. “We’ve been through Diamond Club a few times, and during those times he took over many of the roles in our home that I was used to doing, and he still does! I really love the beautiful bonds he has created with our girls during the times I am away.” Their two daughters, Lauren and Sierra, love the oils and know how to use them to support themselves. Wendi hopes that her work will encourage her daughters to pursue their passions as well. She says, “I want to inspire my children to make a difference in this world, to do something impactful and help stand up for others.” Wendi also loves that she now has more time freedom to spend time with her family.

“Believe in your team. Believe in yourself. Take massive action.”

Wendi’s family is at the core of her Why. She explains, “I desire greater financial and time freedom to be able to experience the world with my family, make memories, and open up opportunities.” However, her Why doesn’t stop there—she has bigger dreams for how she and others who share doTERRA products can affect the world. “I desire to see healthy communities that have choice for their healthcare. My dream is to see essential oils used in wellness environments in my own community and beyond.”

In addition, Wendi is eager to share the benefits of doTERRA products and the business opportunity with others. She finds the unique beauty of doTERRA lies in the fact that people can improve their health and wellbeing while also building financial freedom. Her mission focuses specifically on helping other women find these opportunities and reach their goals. “My mission is to empower women to live their lives to the fullest by improving their physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial health. My vision is for every woman on my team to become the best version of themselves—their most radiant selves.” Wendi loves helping her team reach their goals, and one of her favorite parts of her journey to Diamond was sharing that success with all of them. From here, she is excited to continue working toward her mission with her family and her team.



“Take your business seriously right away, lean into your fears, follow the training systems provided, and don’t take things personally. Stick with it. Lean on your mentor for advice on placements, attend as many corporate events as possible, and invest in personal development.”


“I am an action taker. I can see how all of my strengths contribute to my business, but my ‘activator’ strength probably does most. When I hear an idea, I act, and it’s those action steps that propel you forward. It’s action that has helped me move through fear and develop confidence.”


“Events are a game-changer in the doTERRA world. Events keep you in touch and motivated. Events create community and ignite your fire. Always attend events. Bring that information back to your team, inspire them, and keep them in the loop for what is coming.”

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