Diamond Club Spotlight

Karine Dostie - Simply Better


“I have a burning desire to contribute to a healthier world.”

Karine Dostie started Diamond Club with big dreams—she wanted to connect with her team, to contribute to empowering people in their health, and to leave a legacy for her children of a mother who is fulfilled and passionate. The challenge and accountability of Diamond Club pushed her to succeed, and she saw incredible growth on her team. She explains, “Not only is my team more united and confident now, but we experienced amazing growth. We went from one Gold and one Silver to one Diamond, one Platinum, two Golds, and six Silvers, not to mention the many Premiers and Elites! Our team volume almost tripled in four months.”

Karine is now a better version of herself, someone on the path she always wanted to find. Her Diamond Club experience wasn’t without challenges and difficulties, which fed this deep personal growth. It sometimes felt as though everything was going too fast, but she found that the key was to focus on leaving people better than she found them. With this anchoring her, along with a daily review of her vision board and her Why, Karine succeeded in Diamond Club and now recommends it wholeheartedly. “You have to live it to feel it.”

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