Diamond Club Spotlight

Heather Klepfer - Ripples of Positivity


“Serving one person each day will create a positive ripple effect felt around the world.” 

Heather Klepfer had three main motivations to participate in Diamond Club: curiosity, her upline, and her downline. Now that she’s participated—and won the US Grand Prize—Heather recommends Diamond Club 110 percent. She says, “I believe the more you challenge yourself and are open to new opportunities, the more you will continue to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.”

Heather was initially curious about how Diamond Club would affect her team, and she was blown away by the results. “I saw people empowering people. I felt the increase of energy flow through my team as they helped one person at a time learn to be in control of their own health.” Because of Diamond Club, her team’s momentum hit a high gear. They grew in volume, expanded through multiple states, and saw multiple new users and leaders emerge each month.

For Heather, one of the keys to her success was being willing to listen and be present in the moment. She says, “We have the ability to empower change, empower awareness, empower education, and provide life-changing natural solutions to everyone we meet.” With this driving her and her team, they are eager to watch the ripple effect as their positive efforts continue to spread.

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