A Desire to Bless

David & Shannon Anderson

“We wanted to be able to bless people, and now we can do that, no questions asked.” 

Once David saw that Shannon’s doTERRA business was going to be successful, he became more supportive of her business activities. Shannon explains, “He was always supportive of me following my passion, but he thought the doTERRA business was going to just be a hobby. He started stepping things up once he saw that I was really dedicated to making it work. Now he helps take care of our kids when I can’t be home, and he gives back-end support.” Shannon and David now continually communicate on their needs and priorities—both in the business and in their family—to make certain they are spending their time in the best way possible.

David’s support has been invaluable in helping Shannon grow her business, especially as she participated in Diamond Club. This was one of the turning points in her business and was a perfect fit for her competitive nature. “Diamond Club pushed the competitive side of me. I was going all out to be there for my team and to get them to rally behind me. Every time I’ve seen a big shift in volume, it’s been when I’ve given a solid, non-stop push for three to four months.” Shannon hit Diamond in her first month of Diamond Club, and now she recommends it to everyone.

While Shannon and David have seen numerous changes in their life thanks to the success of their doTERRA business—including time and financial freedom—they want to give back to others in greater ways. Shannon explains, “We love to give and serve. That has always been part of our family. Now we know we can single-handedly change someone’s life, whether that’s by sharing the oils or by helping with a financial need. We want to be able to serve on mission trips and help in our church. Our specific Why changes all the time, but that’s our overarching motivation: being able to bless people.”


Personal Development

“Train yourself. Continue to learn, and always work on personal development. Read books. Watch videos. I’ve grown immensely as a leader and as a person. The way I work with others is very different now thanks to my own growth.” 

Team Culture

“I couldn’t do any of this without my leaders. They encourage and push me. We have an amazing team culture. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to someone who is downline or crossline—we all support each other and challenge each other.”

Diamond Club

“Diamond Club was very important to me in reaching Diamond and pushing myself. Do Diamond Club! If you can’t, then at least do a four-month sprint of giving everything you have and building momentum for you and your team.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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