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David & Andrea Cauffman

“If you love helping others and sharing a healthy lifestyle, why wouldn’t you want this opportunity?” 

As Andrea’s business has grown, her team has become part of her motivation. “I want to help others be the best and healthiest they can be in their mind, body, and spirit. I’m motivated to help my leaders toward the same financial freedom I have.” Andrea’s family is also an important part of her Why. Through her journey with doTERRA, Andrea has learned more about natural health solutions, and she is grateful for the impact this has had on her family.

Andrea’s family has also come along for the doTERRA journey with her. Her daughter, Taylor, is in college and is now a Silver. Her son, Jade, is starting his own doTERRA business with his fiancée, Katie. Andrea’s husband, David, owns a construction company and also works as a firefighter; his support, insight, and help are invaluable. He helps Andrea teach team leader trainings; David is great at explaining the numbers-end of the business and keeping other men engaged and supportive of their partners.

doTERRA has touched Andrea’s life in ways she never imagined. She explains, “God chose this path for us to be on. He placed my friend who shared oils with me in my path. If not for her leading me toward doTERRA, I would not have been inspired to further my education and become a certified aromatherapist.” This path has also led Andrea to find solutions for her own health issues, which in turn has helped her guide her family and team to greater health. With her simple yet powerful motivation to better herself and others, Andrea is eager to see what else is in store for her. “I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next on our journey! All the glory goes to God.”



“See this amazing opportunity, move through any fear blocks you may have, and go for it! Let your faith be bigger than your fear. I was terrified to teach, but I am also strong willed and knew this was where I was being led. My mantra has helped me overcome many hurdles along the way.”


“The compensation plan is designed to help us support our team. Creating a team atmosphere and helping others is what it’s all about. Team unity sets doTERRA apart—it honestly doesn’t matter whose ‘team’ we’re on, because everyone is very helpful and supportive.”


“When my kids were still in school, I’d time block and have specific times for the business. Now, I work as it comes. When the kids are home, they have my full attention. David and I both work a lot, but we always make time for each other.”


“Bust through limiting beliefs and help your leaders do the same. Break that glass ceiling! Who wants to stay boxed in? You can do anything you set your mind to. Focus there. Work in your strengths and allow your team to do the same. Love your leaders and help your team shine.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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