Dave & Dr. Allie Mendelson

“For me, the most important thing about these oils is that they’re pure. They’re the most pure oils I’ve found.” —Dr. Allie

While Dr. Allie’s husband, Dave, was supportive from the beginning, he became more interested in her doTERRA business as he watched it grow. With over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, Dave now puts his business skills to use in their doTERRA business. He explains, “We decided to start homeschooling our two sons, so I dropped out of the corporate world to run the business side of the chiropractic office. Dr. Allie now homeschools our boys and does adjustments in the practice, while I take care of the business. We also opened a health foods store, and we decided to truly commit to doTERRA as a revenue stream. I’ve learned to adapt my business skills to the new environment of network marketing.”

Now, Dr. Allie and Dave see their doTERRA business as a major part of their future. As they move forward in continuing to build their business, Dr. Allie and Dave are driven by their Whys. Each has their own: Dr. Allie is dedicated to helping people find natural, non-toxic solutions for their health, while Dave is motivated to secure their family’s financial future and to help other people achieve financial security for their families as well. And through it all, they’re grateful to have fun as they work. Dr. Allie says, “The people we’ve met through this opportunity are amazing. We’ve made great friends and found a supportive, helpful community. It’s so much fun!”



“Be consistent in incomeproducing activities. Whatever your goals are—whether they’re rank advancement or extra spending money—you need to do these income-producing activities consistently in order to move forward. Share, teach classes, and invite.” —Dave


“I have to be an expert in time management. I create a schedule of everything that must be done, and then I follow that plan. It takes self-discipline; it’s a new habit you have to create. Be sure to include sleep and exercise in your plan—without those, you’ll get burnt out.” —Dr. Allie


“One of the biggest pitfalls I see in new builders is that they hide behind over-training. You can’t train forever! You always need to be sharing, teaching classes, and inviting people. You don’t need to know everything or become Dr. Hill in order to start sharing and building.” —Dave

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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