Empowered Education

Chuck & Christina LeRose

“With the doTERRA business, we rise together. Everything we pour into our teams comes back to us.”

Throughout her journey, Christina feels blessed to have the support of her husband, Chuck. “I could not do any of this without his support.” Together, they have grown a team defined by love, fun, education, generosity, and encouragement.

Christina remains passionate about emotional health recovery and helping others in this process. She says, “I want to continue to focus on finding natural solutions to enhance and, at times, replace the current services and systems being offered for emotional health care. Our system is ripe for a revolution, and I am honored to help lead the charge locally, and hopefully nationally and even globally one day.” This passion drives her Why, as does her dedication to being there for her son.

With lofty goals, Christina stays focused on the daily activities that push her business forward and enable her to achieve her goals. She is committed to helping each person individually—something she feels she has learned from Emily Wright. “She cares so deeply about each and every person she meets. She is amazing and inspires me so greatly.” One person at a time, Christina is dedicated to continue changing her world.



“I truly believe that people need to experience the products. Once you have an oil experience, you naturally want to learn more. Sharing with those who are in need of natural options is such an organic experience. We share, we follow up, we educate, and we follow up again.”


“Our team is always looking for new opportunities to reach a wider audience. We are currently rolling out a series of online events that took a month to create content and videos for. I am so excited to see the fruit that comes as a result of our labor.”


“Show up every chance you get. Use and share your oils everywhere you go. Be fully committed to the process. Be open to learning about the oils, the company, the amazing initiatives, and most of all, learning about yourself. Breakthrough happens outside of your comfort zone.”


“Belief is key—belief in the products, belief in the company, belief in yourself. On our team, we often say, ‘If I can do it, you can do it,’ and ‘I can do this scared.’ The more you say these things and believe they are true, the breakthrough happens and you realize you can do hard things.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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