Passion Empowered

BJ & Megan Hunter

“Events build belief, knowledge, and relationships. Gathering together creates belonging and strong community, as well as that connection towards a greater purpose.”

There’s another aspect that Megan finds empowering: the financial opportunities available through the doTERRA business. She chose to begin her business when she had been considering going back to work as a nurse to supplement her family’s income. She explains, “Building a business from home, while still being involved in health and serving others, was very appealing to me. I have five children, and I wanted to be very involved and available to them.”

Megan is now passionate about sharing the possibilities with others. “So many people are looking for more purpose, more time and financial freedom, more opportunity for personal growth, and more fulfilling relationships, so I never hesitate to share the business opportunity.” She especially loves seeing the empowerment and success of her leaders, and she treasures the relationships she has created with them. “The relationships that are developed are such a blessing. We have become empowered together as we have supported one another in our goal of making a difference in others’ lives while creating financial freedom. We are passionate about empowering others to do the same.”

BJ, Megan’s husband, has been her greatest support throughout her doTERRA journey. Although BJ doesn’t work full time in the doTERRA business, he helps Megan however she needs it, and they share their family and home responsibilities. Together, they are focused on building a life of freedom, abundance, and service. Thanks to the success of their doTERRA business, they have experienced financial blessings that enable them to experience more as a family and serve others more generously. Megan says, “I love what we do and what we will continue to create together in the future.”

Events to Focus On


“Convention is the most valuable and essential event of the year, and I communicate to my team that it is an investment in themselves and their businesses they can’t afford to miss. I remember the impact my first convention had on my belief in the oils and my belonging to a greater purpose.”


“Although our basic introduction to oils class may vary in attendance from a few to several people, over time it is the most successful event topic. It is through these classes that we help new people learn about the oils, are introduced to new networks of people, and often find potential business partners.”


“Our most attended event is our quarterly customer appreciation event. It’s dedicated to education and giving back. All local leaders are invited to contribute, support, and invite all of their customers. We teach about several products, have a DIY project, sample essential oil-infused food recipes, and have raffles and prizes.”


“We have a monthly online event through one of our Facebook groups where prospects, customers, and leaders come together to share experiences they have with the oils. We touch on a different topic each month, combined with basic information about the oils. It’s a fun five-day event full of education and giveaways.”

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