New Goals

Ashley Carey

“In my heart, I’ve always wanted to be an involved mom. With this opportunity, I can do that while also working as hard as I want to.”

Ashley feels blessed to also have the friendship and support of two other doTERRA builders in her journey. Kelsey Watson originally shared with Ashley in their Facebook group, and Lindsey Foster is Ashley’s direct upline. “We always have each other to lean on. They’ve been a huge part of my growth—both with doTERRA and as a person.”

Now that Ashley has reached her goal of achieving Diamond, she has greater goals in mind. When asked about her Why, she explains, “My Why has always been difficult for me to explain. What brings me joy in this business is getting people started with the oils, but that isn’t my full purpose. I’m just starting to find it. I want to be a person I can be proud of. I want to be able to make choices that are right for me without hesitation—I want to make choices out of love rather than fear.” With a continued dedication to helping others and improving herself, Ashley is in it for the long run.



”I’m very goal driven. For me, it’s important to write things down and stick to them. In this business, you have to hold yourself accountable because no one else will. Find an accountability partner or someone who inspires you. A lot of things were working against me the month I hit Diamond, but I had made it my goal, and that was enough to hold me to it.” 


”When you’re working on a big goal like reaching Diamond, you need to get really clear on yourself. Why are you going for this goal? What will it take to get there? Once you’re clear on yourself, get really clear on your team’s goals. Know where they stand and what their contribution level is. Figure out where you’ll need to make up the difference.”


”Don’t let anyone else get you down. Decide what you want and let that lead you. Find what in this business really speaks to you—what in doTERRA makes you feel the best—and stick to that. If there are things that don’t feel good to you, don’t keep going back to them. Find what feels good and follow it. Find your tenacity.”

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