Authentic Empowerment

Angela Dodge


If you started out thinking you would never “do” the doTERRA business, you aren’t alone—Angela Dodge didn’t either. In fact, she didn’t even tell other people that she used essential oils. Angela has a career as a pediatric dietitian, working with pediatric patients who have health issues. In this environment, she was uncertain that her colleagues would be open minded enough to try the oils. However, when Angela noticed one of her patients using essential oils, she knew she couldn’t remain a “closet oiler.”

Since then, Angela has been committed to sharing the benefits of doTERRA oils. She found that many of her coworkers are more open minded than she expected. “Other staff members started asking me for help and oil recommendations for their concerns. I was helping people every day and realized those people were looking for the same thing I was: a more natural answer to their problems.” Her background in the field of service and science also fit perfectly with the doTERRA business opportunity.

In her doTERRA journey, Angela is grateful to have the support of her family. Her husband, Dave, supports her immensely, and their three children all love the oils and hope to join Angela in the business in the future. She is also thankful for the support of her team. She says, “These women are my go-to. They are my sounding board and my idea makers.” In fact, her team was one of the driving forces behind Angela’s own goal to reach Diamond. “I wanted my four Silver leaders to step into what I knew they wanted and needed. These are women who have worked their hardest to make it there.”

One of the keys for Angela in achieving Diamond was Diamond Club. She explains, “I think the momentum I had to reach Diamond started with Diamond Club. I started as a Silver, finished as a Gold, and soon after hit Diamond. Those were classes upon classes upon classes. That is where the magic happens.” Staying consistent in teaching classes, sharing the oils, and following up was a necessity. In addition to sticking with the basics, Angela remained authentic throughout the journey. “I do not put up false pretenses. People appreciate honesty, and they are more likely to trust someone with their health, guidance, and business if they feel a genuine connection. This is my goal in life—to never be something I am not, and to only grow my organization and business the same way.”

“This business is built on empowering you, your organization, and your leaders. It’s an ‘all for one’ family.”

Angela felt she had everything she needed in life before she found doTERRA, but she has now found another dimension. “I am more of the woman, mother, leader, and business owner that I never knew I needed to be. I always felt content with the way my life was proceeding, but I look back now and realize there was something more for me—not necessarily in place of what I had, but a complement to what I was living.” Angela and her family are now living a life of authenticity and empowerment.



“Be consistent. Attend events. Build your belief in the company. Click the submit button on the Diamond Club application and complete the program. Take advantage of the BOGOs. Don’t subscribe to the ‘closet oiler’ club. Be you. Take action.”


“You cannot know where you are heading without a tight grasp on where you are now. Plan like a CEO. You should know where you need volume, where volume is coming from, if and how you can get your Power of 3, what leaders are contributing, etc. Record, record, record!”


“Nothing is more important than treating a Diamond business like an actual Diamond business. This isn’t a pretend game of life—it’s the real deal. Know that the last day of the month will cause a cascade of emotions, including excitement, anxious feelings, relief, tension, stress, and exhilaration.”

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