The Ripple Effect

Alice Nicholls


Alice Nicholls had used essential oils before she learned about doTERRA, but when she tried doTERRA oils, she was immediately impressed by the difference. This led her to research the company, and she loved everything she found. She recalls, “I went down the rabbit hole researching the company, and with every turn I was so impressed that I decided to share the oils.” Without understanding much about the business opportunity, Alice began sharing doTERRA products in an effort to help others.

When Alice started sharing, she already had an online health business; within a short period of time, she was working on her doTERRA business full time. She explains, “This business gives you an unrivaled opportunity to reach your full potential in life while partnering with a company whose ethics are second to none. Every day we not only help improve the health and wellbeing of our customers, but we also create abundance in our own lives, and then that health and abundance ripples to those in the world who need it most.”

Alice’s husband, Cam, is also an entrepreneur with an online business. They both work from home, and Alice is grateful for his support and insight. “He understands why I put in the hours I do and is proud of how passionate I am about doTERRA and my work. He knows it’s lighting me up, which in turn reflects outward to the whole family.” Cam also helps Alice find solutions to challenges, and they share the home responsibilities to allow both of them the flexibility they need for their work.

Alice and Cam’s family lives “the essential oil lifestyle”—both of their daughters love using the oils on a daily basis. For Alice, simply sharing her lifestyle is one of the best ways she has found to share doTERRA products with others. “I love to chat and show how I use the oils on Instagram Stories and on Facebook. I still host and will always host live classes; this product lends itself to be experienced in a real-life environment, and I love that!”

“doTERRA is a complete ecosystem—we get paid the best while the company operates in complete ethical integrity and with a vein of philanthropy.”

In addition to introducing more people to essential oils and their benefits, Alice is also passionate about helping others live their purpose. When asked about her Why, Alice confides that she didn’t know her Why until she reached Diamond. Now she says, “I have always wished for women to remember how powerful and filled with potential they are, and my Why is to inspire them to remember that. I want to remind women of how infinite they really are.” Alice focuses on empowering the women around her to reach their true potential, whether they are customers, sharers, or builders.

Alice has always been committed to getting to the top in her business, and now that she has discovered a Why that drives her, she is even more dedicated than before. “I’ve found a product I can’t live without, a company to hold hands with that is doing conscious enterprise right, and a Why I adore. This opportunity came out of nowhere for me, but it has changed everything.”



“I like to allow a person to anchor into their love for the oils before I explain the whole compensation plan. It can be incredibly overwhelming and hard to understand for someone who is brand new. I learn what they would like to achieve with doTERRA, and then I tailor the way I share the compensation plan info."


“When I host classes, I always stick with the Home Essentials Kit. It’s called that for a reason and truly does give me the broadest market to reach. I also know that I can successfully help the layperson understand how to safely and confidently use the Home Essentials Kit directly after a class without feeling like they’re out of their depth.”


“I advise my team to structure two ranks in advance so they don’t find themselves short-changed when going for the next rank. For example, when aiming for Elite, structure for Premier, and so on. Learn to look further than your next rank. Think ahead.” 

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