A Gift of Opportunity

Alice Abba


Alice Abba felt a spark of curiosity when she heard multiple people at her job mentioning doTERRA. She began researching doTERRA, and she soon ordered a kit of essential oils and supplements. Alice also knew immediately that she wanted to be involved in the business opportunity. She remembers, “I felt a strong alignment with the company and the oils themselves, so the fact that doTERRA was a direct sales company felt like an incredible gift of opportunity to me.”

At the time, Alice was leaving her work for maternity leave, and she wanted to use the time before her second child was born as a time to build something lasting for her family so she would be able to stay home with her young children. “Right before the birth of a child is seemingly an inconvenient time to be pursuing a passion business, except when the pull is so strong that you can’t ignore it, it’s actually the perfect time.” Alice committed to building her business so she could dream bigger for her family.

At first, Alice’s husband, Tristan, wasn’t fully on board with the idea of the doTERRA business. “My husband wasn’t always supportive or encouraging of my pursuing doTERRA as a business. It took a few years for him to fully see the growth and the vision. Even though he doesn’t work with me in my business, his partnership is incredibly important. We continually refine what it means to show up in partnership to raise our little girls, for me to have hours or days to fulfill my purpose in my doTERRA work, for him to have mornings for surfing, and for us to have time together as a family.”

Alice’s family has always been at the core of her motivation. She and Tristan are working toward building a life that will allow them the greatest amount of freedom and fulfillment. Alice says, “My Why is our family vision that we’ve crafted together about how we want to spend our days. My Why is remembering the value of time and creating a business and a life where I can truly show up for my favorite people.” Thanks to Alice’s success in her business, their family is now able to live their vision in traveling together. She is also dedicated to making sure her parents are taken care of as they head into retirement.

“What truly links people to this business and inspires them to action is their own purpose and vision.” 

In addition, Alice is passionate about sharing this opportunity with others. Because she knew from the beginning that she wanted to build a business with doTERRA, she has found it easy to share this part of her doTERRA journey along with the products. In all of her sharing, Alice finds that the best approach is to create genuine connections and to allow her doTERRA lifestyle to naturally lead to discussions about the products and business.

Now, Alice is living a life of immense fulfillment and freedom. Her family has the financial and time freedom to travel and experience life together, to give back to charities that are important to them, and to continue to improve themselves. “This business has changed our lives in so many ways, and because our life has changed, we’re able to change the lives of others now too. I am deeply, deeply grateful.”


Lead with positivity.

“Everyone will experience failure in this business, be told no, be rejected, and will have months when you or your leaders don’t achieve your goals. Leading with positivity has given me the gift of resilience to continue to move forward and be able to clearly see the possibility and future lesson in everything.”

Prove your success.

“My husband was skeptical about the doTERRA business opportunity at first. Despite his own use of the oils, the major turning point for him in his belief in this business was seeing my business grow. Each rank built his belief. If you have a partner who isn’t totally on board, the best thing you can do is just keep growing.”

Just be you.

“Ask yourself how you are here to live and to lead. You can follow the simple and effective doTERRA business guides for the roadmap to Diamond, but the not-so-secret magic here is pairing that up with being completely and unapologetically yourself in how you show up in your life. Apply your own strengths.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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