Back to Nature

Adam Barralet

“When you walk out in nature, every tree has grown differently depending on what has happened in the environment around it, but each one is beautiful and perfect.”

In addition to helping others get in touch with nature, Adam is also passionate about caring for people as he builds his business. He says, “This is an opportunity to make a significant difference in the world. As a single person, it would take a huge effort to try to help others who have less than myself around the world. However, through doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing®, each time I play a role in someone purchasing a bottle of oil, I am helping people all over the world whom I probably couldn’t help otherwise.” Adam also loves that this business gives people just like him the opportunity to build a substantial income while doing something fulfilling, challenging, and worthwhile.

As he works to share doTERRA products, Adam is grateful to have the support of his partner, Jonathan Mozingo. Jonathan has always been interested in essential oils and in Adam’s business, and he has gradually taken on a greater role in helping Adam teach classes and support his team. Together, they are learning to use both of their strengths and talents to do more than ever before. Besides Jonathan, Adam finds his main support in nature. “Whenever I go out in nature, it reinvigorates and re-inspires me.”

Looking to the future of his business, Adam is eager to continue building toward his goals. He says, “If I can help others fall in love with the oils, then it is my hope they will respect and value the natural environment more. This will in turn lead to a greater preservation of the environment.”


Lead by Example

“Let your light shine so brightly that your team has no choice but to follow. Let them know that they too can achieve the same success. It is important for Diamonds to be aware of what image they are showing their team. Build a life you want, not just an income you want.”

Understand Your Team

“It’s vital to remember that our downline aren’t employees whom you can give instructions to; they are volunteers. It’s vital to understand what motivates and inspires them, what their love language is, and how to help them achieve their aspirations and goals, not yours.”

Put Goals First

“Most people don’t realize that I’m an introvert. I get nervous presenting to 10 people, but I have presented to hundreds at doTERRA training events. The reason I keep going is that my goals are greater than I am. This work needs to be done for the betterment of the whole planet.”

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