Touching Lives

Lee Seang Looi

"What gets me out of bed every day is the thought of how many people are out there, waiting for me to help change their lives."

While Seang Looi started her doTERRA business with the hope that she would be able to spend more time with her family, her Why has grown and evolved as her business has, and it drives her every day. “When I was younger, I asked myself what would give me peace at my deathbed. The thought came that as long as I have touched one life during my lifetime, I will leave this life in peace. When I started with doTERRA, I felt that I had found a way to help people and ease their struggles, whether they are physical, emotional, or financial struggles. I know now that I have touched so many lives, but I am not ready to die because I know there are more lives to touch. With doTERRA, I can build a whole community of people to continue touching lives after I am gone. This is what motivates me—building communities, touching lives, and being touched by others.”



“Be prepared; do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. It takes time to build a business, just as it takes time to perfect a skill or attain a degree. No effort, no gain. Dedicate enough time to do what it takes to build your business. The more time you put in, the faster you will grow. Be patient, be consistent, and be resilient.”


“I realized that balance is all about scheduling, spending time in the right place, and learning to draw boundaries with people. As your teams grow bigger, leaders start stepping in, and things get easier. Leverage technology. It helps me reach out to my team and teach from anywhere. This allows me more time to set aside to be with my family.”


“Be factual and truthful when it comes to sharing the business. What we are doing is giving people an alternative—a 100 percent workable, achievable alternative. Help them see that what they are currently doing may not help them reach their goals, but with the doTERRA business, it is possible. Their investment is really time and dedication.” 

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