A Profound Transformation

Elizabeth Ho


Before she was introduced to doTERRA products, Elizabeth Ho was searching for essential oils that were pure, safe, and thoroughly tested. When Lee Seang Looi told her about doTERRA oils and the high quality standards maintained by doTERRA, Elizabeth was immediately interested, and she decided to do some research. She says, “After doing my own research on doTERRA essential oils, I was impressed by the meticulous standards in sourcing, testing, and the final product. I learned about the strict protocols in place to protect the integrity of the oils, and I noticed the quality of doTERRA essential oils was different from other oils I was accustomed to.”

Once she had researched the quality of the oils, Elizabeth started using them on her family, as well as sharing them with others. She was amazed by the positive results she experienced each time she tried the oils, and after being a product user for some time, Elizabeth decided to start her doTERRA business. Now, her Why is to “educate and empower people on how they can support their health and increase their energy and vitality as they have never experienced before through the use of doTERRA essential oils.” For Elizabeth, sharing doTERRA products is about how they can impact and improve each individual’s life.

As Elizabeth shares the essential oils, she focuses on each person’s unique needs. She says, “I first need to understand them as an individual—their likes and dislikes, and their lifestyle. Once I understand them, I can offer suggestions and solutions on how essential oils can make a profound transformation in their lives.” Her followup techniques are also tailored to each person’s preferences.

Throughout her doTERRA journey, Elizabeth has felt grateful to find support and friendship in her upline and team leaders. She feels that she has an entire community that continually encourages and helps her. Elizabeth says, “We learn from each other daily about the goodness of the oils and how the oils have impacted our lives. They help me look at things through a different lens and offer ideas I might not have thought of on my own. Together, we are working to build a successful system.”

“The doTERRA culture sets it apart from the rest. Our community has such passion and compassion.” 

Elizabeth set her sights on Diamond to show her team what they can do when they put their hearts and minds to it. “I needed to show them that the system works, and that Diamond is achievable. My keys are patience, persistence, and perseverance. If you find that you are running lows on these three Ps, add prayer.”

Looking back on the past few years, Elizabeth says, “This opportunity has transformed me into a better person. I’m in a position to help more people improve the quality of their lives—physically, emotionally, and even financially. I have no inhibitions about reaching out to those in need because my experience in sharing the oils has given me trust and confidence that the oils work and can change lives for the better.” From here, Elizabeth is eager to continue helping people through sharing.


  1. Set your timeline for when you want to achieve Diamond.
  2. Identify team members you personally enrolled who can potentially qualify as Silver, and ask if they will commit to hitting the rank in the given timeframe. If they agree, provide additional coaching and support when necessary.
  3. Conduct four weekly classes to raise enrollments, and offer incentives for sharers as well as new enrollees.
  4. Provide a 90-day plan for new enrollees to work on their specific concerns or issues, whereby setting up LRP will be a logical move to order products with additional savings.
  5. Encourage team members to reach out to family or friends with specific issues by showing them testimonials on how these specific concerns can be addressed with aromatic, topical, or internal application of doTERRA essential oils and supplements.
  6. Create monthly special classes for team members to have fun learning about essential oils.

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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