Sharing Hope

Yolanda Koole

“The vision I have for sharing doTERRA is to reach a hurting world with a message of hope.” 

Through it all, Yolanda feels blessed to have the support of her husband. Paul is a police constable, and while he is busy with his work, he is always willing to help Yolanda however he can and is a fully engaged father as well. He has also inspired Yolanda as she strives to become the best she can be. Yolanda says, “He’s handy, he’s giving, he’s generous with his time, and he’s always working on something. His work ethic is such a good example; he actually pushes me to be more like him.” She is also grateful for encouragement and help from her upline, Lindsay Hamm, and her supportive parents.

One of the greatest ways Yolanda feels she has been supported through her doTERRA journey is the belief others place in her. “There have been times in this business when I didn’t trust myself enough to play all-out. The caring guidance of various leaders, the belief of my supportive husband, the reminder of a loving God, and my belief that people are trustworthy have helped me overcome many obstacles. When you have the ability to borrow belief from someone else, it can get you pretty far.” That belief has carried Yolanda through many challenges.

Of all the changes that have come into her life with doTERRA—from stepping down from her job as a youth director to financial freedom that allows their family to travel more—Yolanda feels that the greatest changes have been in herself. “I have been stretched and grown so much. I’ve stepped up and owned who I am. doTERRA has strengthened my faith— knowing that I will come up against things that will challenge me and cause me to go back to sorting out what I believe and what God wants for me. I am so thankful for this opportunity and to God for opening doors and guiding me through them.”


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“Money can’t buy health, yet a simple financial investment can have some lifechanging, long-term effects on your health. I’ve seen so many people have such beautiful success stories of how essential oils have helped to make their lives easier, better, happier, and healthier.”

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“The compensation plan is extremely generous, it fosters incredible team work instead of competition, it helps business builders commit to their business for the long haul, and it reflects the doTERRA culture of integrity and heart.”

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“There seem to be so many businesses in the world today that don’t uphold their honesty and integrity when it comes to making a profit. doTERRA has proven that you do not need to sacrifice your standards to be a thriving, financially stable company.”

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