Leader Q&A

Corinna Barrus

You asked, she answered. We took your most pressing questions about the business and asked one of our top doTERRA leaders for her advice from her years of experience.

How do you encourage your team to duplicate your systems, methods, and attitudes?

I think first you have to model what works—be the example and lead from the trenches. I think all good builders do this, but the next step is giving your team opportunities to step into the systems and attitudes by giving them real-life opportunities to lead. I do a lot of trainings, events, and retreats, and I give my team opportunities to duplicate by coming alongside, modeling, giving them real-life experience, and then being willing to go over it with them, give feedback, ask questions, and help them figure out what they need to do.

Attitude comes from the top down, and we are blessed with an incredibly high-vibe team because we serve with love, encourage, acknowledge, and celebrate each other. I also have had to have very good boundaries and have asked a few to leave the group if they were constantly negative and hurtful to others. As leaders, we are guardians of the culture. It is mostly achieved with joy, love, celebration, and giving people a chance to shine, but it also involves the hard work of having good boundaries, saying no, and not allowing toxic people or situations to get too much air time and spoil it for all.

What would you like your downlines to know about you?

I want them to know that I love them, I appreciate them, I see the best of what is possible, and when I push them too much, it’s because I love them and see the potential. I want them to know that I am human, full of faults and fears, and like most people, I am only really good at a few things. I figured out what those were, was unwilling to let fear rule me anymore, dug in, leaned in, and did a ton of personal development work. I was and am still willing to grow, to have real conversations, to look at my flaws and to get better. I want my team to know that if I can do it, they can do it.

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