Freedom To Share

Wilbur & Jessica Andrews

“Doing the basics of the business is the single reason I reached Diamond. I never stopped teaching and enrolling.”


Jessica’s family has always been at the core of her purpose. She loves being able to support her children’s health with the oils, and she is passionate about sharing this opportunity with others. “I want everyone to have these oils. They are truly life changing! I love empowering other moms with natural solutions. It is so empowering to be able to help your children with something natural in a world full of toxins and chemicals.”

Another powerful motivation that pushes Jessica forward is helping her leaders reach their goals. She says, “I feel like a proud mama when they succeed and reach their goals.” One unique aspect of Jessica’s team is that they are largely local. Her frontline leaders all live within 20 minutes of Jessica, and her close-knit “Freedom Tribe” is located nearby as well. This has presented both advantages and challenges for Jessica in building her business. “I had thought about doing Diamond Club in the past, but I could never qualify because my team and our customers are all extremely close to home. I would love to expand my team through the US, but there is something so great about having my team right here!”

As Jessica looks forward to her next goals in building her business and expanding her team, she is amazed at all of the changes doTERRA has already brought to her life. One of the biggest is the birth of her second son, Jonathan. She explains, “In my previous job, my husband and I felt we couldn’t afford another child with our combined income. Between the cost of daycare and school tuition, it would have been an extreme stretch. Now, not only can we afford two children, but I get to be home with the baby as long as I want and enjoy time with my five-yearold, who will start kindergarten in the fall. This is just one of the many examples of freedom I get to experience because of this business.”

With a passion for sharing the benefits of the oils and the freedom brought by the business opportunity, Jessica is eager to see where her future in doTERRA takes her.

Follow-Up Tips


“Be genuine and share from the heart. I truly believe these products can help people. When you share from a place of love, people will trust you.”


“I end conversations by asking if it’s okay if I follow up in a few days. This way I already have permission to follow up, and they are expecting it.”


“I like to follow up by asking, ‘What is your favorite oil?’ This opens up a positive answer and leads to a positive discussion.”


“Most customers won’t open their oils and use them without some education and guidance. If I don’t follow up, their money is wasted and their oils collect dust.”

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