Leader Q&A

Lassen Phoenix & Bryan Huddleston

You asked, they answered. We took your most pressing questions about the business and asked one of our top doTERRA leaders for their advice from their years of experience. 


When introducing people to the products, how do you explain the difference between doTERRA oils and other essential oils?

When we were introduced to doTERRA, we already had a few oils from other companies, but we intuitively knew something was different about these. It was more than the scent—it was something we felt. We had our own experiential clarity that proved stronger than facts ever could, bringing lasting certainty that has assisted us in sharing.

We have incredible information to scientifically back up why doTERRA oils are the purest and safest. Not only can we explain the third-party testing that each batch of oil goes through, but we can show a person how to look up an individual bottle’s test results. We can share stories and videos about individuals, families, and communities that have been transformed because of doTERRA. In the end, however, nothing will communicate the doTERRA difference better than opening up a bottle and giving someone an experience.

I teach classes regularly and I have a few builders, but I seem to have difficulty getting people to enroll. What can I do to further promote trust in me and belief in the product and company?

“Certainty sells,” and certainty is conveyed in what people feel. Under everything you say is a belief that creates what you actually experience. Perhaps you are sharing products you don’t have experience with, or maybe you’re projecting limitations onto your audience based on your own limitations.

When we work with a leader who isn’t enrolling and is hitting limiting beliefs, we encourage them to share what they are not only confident in, but what they are passionate about. We remind them to share their personal oil experiences, and why they started sharing doTERRA essential oils in the first place. We get them back to the enthusiasm. We reconnect them to why they care about sharing oils with the people in their class. Be yourself. Share from your heart. Being excited for others to experience the goodness you have is the place to start. This will connect you to people’s hearts, you will feel what they need, and you will inspire them to get these precious oils into their homes.

How do you effectively support your team in other states and countries?

When we started growing our business, the majority of our efforts were in other states. For the first few years, we traveled monthly to these places. We knew the leaders and frequently attended classes and trainings. We were connected and trusted. Even when we went home, we maintained these connections. People felt we were there, we were on their team, and we were someone they could look up to and count on. Ultimately, they believed we cared about their success, which we believe was the secret to ours.

Now we can see areas where we have done a good job of staying connected and cultivating relationships. In these places, we see continual growth. In other areas, where we have not stayed as connected, we are experiencing challenges.

It is clear that developing, strengthening, and maintaining connections is key. We also believe some amount of face-to-face interaction is important; this will give you a sense of what to do next, when to come back, and how to empower individuals to take on more responsibility. The law of the harvest applies to this business—we reap what we sow. 

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