The Right Fit

Kelly Mallinson

“You really need to believe. Believe in the product, and believe in yourself that you can do it.”

For Kelly, the key has been to never give up. She says, “I don’t give up on anyone. I don’t want to be pushy, so I’m gentle, but I always go back to them if they’ve said no. Don’t forget about anyone. Even if someone enrolled and then cancelled their LRP, don’t write them off. They might still want the product.” Now, as she works on building her team, Kelly reminds them to “keep on swimming” and to be persistent when challenges arise.

While the financial opportunities of doTERRA motivated Kelly at the start, she now has a broader vision of what her business means. She explains, “I want to help empower other people to help their families. The beauty of doTERRA is that you’re helping people while you’re helping to build your own financial freedom. I never have to trick anyone into joining the business—we are genuinely helping others.”

As she reflects on the changes doTERRA has brought to her life, Kelly feels grateful for the opportunity she has to help her family and others. She says, “Our family’s life is busier now, but we’re also healthier, and we are in a better financial situation. We’ve made so many friends; we’re part of a community dedicated to empowering people. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help so many families.”



“Keep sharing. If you shared with someone a year ago and they haven’t said yes yet, don’t give up. Give them a break, but keep following up. They might be ready at a later time.”


“Attend as many doTERRA events as you possibly can. These promote a sense of belonging to something bigger and greater than yourself. This is a worldwide community.” 


“Don’t depend on your upline to do everything for you. This is your business, so treat it that way. You won’t hit Diamond if you expect your upline to do the work for you.”

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