A New Dream

Yukari Nakagami

“I used to be in a small world, associating mostly with family members. I have grown so much as I have met hundreds of team members. I have gained so many precious things in my life.”

Even with the ongoing support of her family, upline, and downline, Yukari has faced obstacles and frustrations in her business. In these times, she strives to remember her Why. She explains, “When I am faced with challenges, I try to remind myself why I do this. There is no one who does not need doTERRA products. When I get stuck, I remind myself of the root of my purpose. When I think about my vision for the future, the challenges in front of me don’t seem so big anymore.”
As she has grown with doTERRA, Yukari has found new goals and a bigger vision for her life. “I used to be a wife who didn’t have any dreams or aspirations. I was able to discover my dream that I had almost forgotten I had. There was a big wall to overcome, but I didn’t want to regret missing a one­time life opportunity. I deeply treasure all of these experiences. I want to inspire others to move forward without fear.

“I have a strong desire to help each person shine in his or her life. I am filled with this desire.”


Be Sincere

“Treating each individual that you have the opportunity to meet with sincerity is crucial. If you focus on their happiness, you will develop a relationship of trust, and you will grow a team that shares a vision with you.”

Unite Your Team

“I receive significant help from people on my team who share the same values as me. I am so grateful to be part of a team that is united. We don’t focus on ourselves but on others, and we make an effort to help others find joy.”

Have Fun

“When I create an event, I try to make it fun. I think deeply about why I want to do an event and how I can deliver essential oils into the hands of the attendees without affecting the fun and enjoyment of the event.”

Follow Up with Gratitude

“To follow up, I send people a message of gratitude, generally on the same night I was able to share the product with them. I also call them the next day to ask how they felt, and we explore their needs together.”

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