How I Support My Team

Virginia Hume


Getting Started

Bryant and Brianna Hess are my enrollers. They have shown the patience of Job as I’ve learned many skills and gained the confidence to do new things. The Hesses live in Wisconsin, and for the summer of 2012, Bryant was in Lancaster County every weekend to get me started. I was all thumbs. Thankfully I have a wonderful, kind, and encouraging husband, John.
Like you, I had a lot on my plate. At first, I was figuring out how to best connect with my group. Most of them love one-on-one interactions. I use the phone, email, and monthly newsletters; I visit my key leaders often; and I became a doTERRA AromaTouch® instructor. At the end of the summer of 2012, I decided to do monthly newsletters. doTERRA did not have the website as it is today, so I gave product information that I felt my group needed, as well as the monthly promotions. I continue to do this. Many in my group do not have computers—I chose to be the “data entry goddess” for the Amish in my group. They love the doTERRA products and share with their community. On the first day of each month, John puts a message on our answering machine to announce the monthly promotions, and then our people with no computers call to find out what the specials are. I visit my people often and encourage everyone to listen to the product calls.

Finding & Mentoring Leaders

I had to learn what a leader does: they have a LRP order of 125+PV monthly; they call me; they are teachable; they hold meetings, whether they are large groups or one-on-one meetings; and they ask to be mentored. My key leaders are connectors and influencers. Some are developing these things, while others came with the skills. I work to nurture my relationship with each leader. The leaders see the value and the potential with doTERRA.

I teach the EDGE system. This is simple, easy, and duplicable. My job is to listen, help them see how to solve their problems, and praise them for all they are doing well. Also, when corporate speakers come to the area, I encourage people to go, and John and I take a van of Amish to the events. We are all continual learners; John and I have been doing this all our married life.

Just like you, I came to doTERRA with strengths and struggles. I also came to doTERRA with the mindset of a Servant-Leader. I have a strong Why. I was willing to learn skills and face my dragons (weaknesses) to overcome and compensate for them. I am so fortunate to be part of the EDGE team. I chose to listen and do what I was taught on the weekly mastermind calls. I have done this for almost five years.

Learning from Leaders

When Rod Richardson and Seth Risenmay taught the 6-3-1 method, I saw how to be more effective. This method focuses on six daily questions, three weekly objectives, and one monthly event. I watched Rod and Seth mentor. Bryant was doing this too; I needed several examples of how to do this. I am fortunate none of my upline live near me, so I had to do it on my own. I would watch Bryant when he was in town and do what he did. I watched Bryant love on his leaders at leadership retreat and annual doTERRA conventions. He took us all out to dinner, and he had our upline, Kelly Anderson, talk with us at lunch. As I learned and applied the skills taught by Rod Richardson and Bryant Hess, I started to have success.

When Rod and Seth introduced the Boot Camps for the leaders, John and I did this for our groups. This clicked with me, and I started doing this with everyone. Rod keeps things simple. This means I don’t say too much. I learned to answer questions with enough information that the person can mentally digest it and ask for more. I learned to ask questions that help me and the person I’m working with be clear on what they are seeking. I learned to love people as they are, where they are.

Helping Newcomers

I return to do the membership overview when they get their oils. I teach them how to use their back office, and I give them information on how to connect with the leaders. During the first month, weekly contact with a new person helps establish that there is a support system in place. When I or the leader leaves the new Wellness Advocate, they understand how to order, whom to connect with, and when the product calls will be. When I see a person has ordered 125 PV for three months, I talk to them or their leader to see if they have questions.

I have had leaders who hold the basic oil class and then have me come and be the second witness and answer other questions. Often the prospects will sign up right there. I get the leaders to be part of the presentation. Both Bryant and Rod have helped me to see just what I need to do—they are so supportive. As my leaders are ready to go to the next level, we plan together and we work the plan. My job is to show up, encourage, teach, and mentor. My team are great people with the vision to serve and help others.

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