Broadening Her Vision

Victoria McAdams

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with so many individuals and families, and I don’t take that lightly. It’s been an unexpected blessing and such a beautiful ride.”

For Victoria, doTERRA isn’t about hitting a certain rank; she simply sees the ranks as perks along the way. “My daughter said to me, ‘It doesn’t matter what rank you hit, because you’ll never stop sharing doTERRA.’ It’s true. I love sharing. That never gets old to me.” With a broadened vision of what doTERRA can be for herself, her family, and her community, Victoria is committed to continue sharing and building.



“Find your own voice very early in your business, and be okay with what your voice or influence is. I let people know that the way I succeeded isn’t the only way to do it. You will attract exactly whom you should attract by being authentically yourself.”


“My uplines respected my journey and my very independent style of building, and for that I am forever grateful. Now I find how my team works best—some need more support, while others don’t need constant check-ins from me. Help others the way they need it. It isn’t good or bad; it’s just what they need.” 


“When I first share the oils, it’s an open door and open invitation for people to empower themselves. I don’t give promises of cures; I just open the door to the possibility for them to take ownership in their lives. It’s a paradigm shift.”

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