The Art of Collaboration

Working with your upline and downline comes naturally for most builders, but how often do you work with someone completely outside of your team? Collaborating with those in your crossline and even outside of that can bring new perspectives and ideas that can benefit your business— not to mention new friendships! We talked to a group of seven doTERRA leaders who came together through social media about how and why they work together. 

How It Started

Because this group is focused on expanding their doTERRA business strategy to include Instagram, they connected bit by bit via Instagram as they noticed each other’s accounts. Some of the group members are part of one another’s upline or downline, some are crossline, and some are connected only through this group. The key was reaching out!

“We all connected on Instagram in one way or another. We were all attracted to one another’s accounts and knew we were a good fit to work together.” —Carrie Setian (@high.tide.essentials)

“I met Ashley through Instagram about a year ago; I direct messaged her and shared that I loved her Instagram profile and admired what she was doing. We kept talking and exchanging ideas. She said we should collaborate with others, and so she invited me to her group.” —Sara Worth (@oil_ohana)

The Benefits

As they have worked together, each group member has seen the strengths brought to the group by the others. They exchange business ideas, push each other in their goals, support each other through challenges, and encourage each other to be their best— professionally and personally.

“Everyone in this group is encouraging, supportive, and positive. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, skillsets, and experiences, which brings a freshness and opportunity for innovation.” —Aimee Crouch (@beautifully_natural_oils)

“I love that I can be honest about my struggles and my wins, and I have a group of people who will pray or celebrate with me. This group helps me brainstorm ways to take better care of my downline and communicate with my upline more effectively.” —Amanda Beach (

“You may be building your business in a unique way that your upline has not dived into yet. Finding others on a similar journey can help provide you with the support you need.” —Kayla Monson (@mywelloiledlife)

Essential Advice

Are you interested in forming or joining a collaborative group yourself? Here are some tips!

  • Collaborate with those who share your values. “Find people you really connect with personally and share the same basic values and desires for their business.” —Amanda Beach
  • Allow your communication to fit your schedule. “We mastermind online, which means we make our conversations fit our schedules instead of needing to meet up at a specific time and location.” —Ashley Norville (@essentially_joilful)
  • Build a real connection first. “Let yourself be a friend, and don’t feel bad if you need to meet and engage with several people before you find those you want to collaborate with.” —Farrah Collver (@flourishessentials)
  • Keep it positive. “We all have moments of discouragement, but there’s no focus on negativity.” —Aimee Crouch
  • Don’t be nervous to work with others. “Don’t be afraid of people on other teams and of other ranks. The community and heart of doTERRA are fully reflected in a group of leaders who come together to encourage and support each other.” —Ashley Norville
  • Invite others to collaborate. “You may have to flat out ask people. Some people may want to join you but might be too shy to ask.” —Carrie Setian

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